“High Street” Addiction Gone… So NOT Wrong.


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Happy Tuesday beautiful people, I’ve missed you so…

It has been awhile but I am back with a vengeance. Very sorry for my hiatus, the market has kept me super occupied and I was too busy gorging in between appointments to fill you in on my daily food frenzies. My recent obsession has brought me back to you with filthy deliciousness to report…

High Street on Market is blowing my mind and you need to know why. This killer eatery first became known to me when meeting interior design friends for lunch.  They suggested this place because it was close to their office, but I was super excited because they also couldn’t say enough great things about it. BTW check them out- they are a wildly talented interior design firm called Black & Poole. They do residential & commercial projects. Ask for Holly or Gretchen, they’re phenom!

HighStreet – Men At Workmarket

High Street on Market is located at 3rd and Market, and is the sister restaurant to Fork. Chef Eli Kulp is just dominating the Philly food scene right now, which is super impressive considering Philly is dead center on the food map and isn’t going anywhere. He was on the the July 2014 cover of “Food & Wine”, selected for best new chefs, received critical acclaim from local food critics, recognized as Star Chefs 2013 Rising Star, and named Philadelphia Inquirer Chef of the Year. Like I said, dude is DOMINATING this city and I love it. Nice to see a new name get some recognition over the usual suspects ~yawn~.

eli– Eli Kulp    Food-and-Wine-Cover-e1408906922298

At High Street you can get breakfast, lunch, dinner, AND they cater! Saaawweeet! Philadelphians are all business when it comes to brunch and this place has it down pat! Eater.com just named it “One of the hottest brunches in the Country” that’s a big freakin’ deal!!!! They are #2 on Bon Appetit’s Hot 10 Restaurants 2014! If the press hype isn’t enough to get you lazy, suburban people down to this miracle market, then let me just tell you about a few of the meals I’ve encountered here…. Then we’ll see if that gets you motivated enough to drive a few minutes past Duncan for a real meal.


LUNCH. All I have to say is PASTRAMI. The best I have ever had. Ever. Lights out. Their pastrami sandwich on rye with cabbage & onion Slaw, russian dressing and Gulden’s mustard is enough to make you want to punch your waiter! Or kiss them, however you react to experiencing thinly, sliced meat royalty. Yes, this s**t deserves a crown. Or, try the Pastrami and Egg combo sandwich, for a sweet spin on a classic.

They make their own breads and pastries in house. High Street’s baked goods are so delicious, they would even make the French proud. I do not put that lightly either. The croissants are everything they should be, nothing more, nothing less. Flaky, light, crispy outside, gooey inside. I could eat them all day every day… But I value all of my limbs. I mean. I have to draw the line somewhere.

High-Street-Pastrami-Hash_9995-FINAL-Credit-Jason-Varney-e1388530693495   – Pastrami & Hash- Shaved Pastrami, Spiced Hash, Roasted Peppers & Onions, Farm Egg, Russian Dressing                                                                                                                bakery-items-Pastry Assortments- Je t’aime. ❤ photo 3 (2)

Dinner is where things got really interesting… Mind you the atmosphere is super casual but the the food is anything but. It has a very urban, Euro-city, market- feel. It’s unique and I dig it. They have very unexpected, crisp cocktails and beers. Refreshing and they pack a punch (always a plus). I highly recommend their tequila concoction. No idea what was in it, but it ruled.

photo 4


For starters we had the Dry Aged Beet Salad- aged beef tallow vinaigrette, greens, smoked goat cheese. SO good and like nothing I’ve ever had before. I also went for the Jersey Burrata salad. It seriously almost made me cry. It was intense flavor and it was out of this flippin’ world. Sweet, fresh basil, juicy goodness sopped up with crusty bread. MMMMPPPHHHH! Granted, tomatoes are probably my best friend, but this was just mind blowing. Trust me.

For entrees, Angry Crab Spaghetti- peeky toe crab, old bay, scallions, and bay leaf. Ridiculous. The handmade pasta was cooked to perfection, the bay flavor had great depth and I couldn’t help but smiling during the entire course.  This spaghetti made me anything but angry. Also, the Caraway Rye Rigatoni with pastrami ragu and Gulden’s mustard. This entree is a freak of nature. My palate was overwhelmed, but in a fabulous way. It was a party in my mouth, it made me feel alive. Sounds so insane, I know. But this seriously changed me and upped my palate game on a divine level. This dish would’ve made Anthony Bourdain do a back flip. Whewww, I’m sweating just writing this.

photo 1 (2)             photo 2


– Pastrami Rye Rigatoni

photo 1   -Crab Spaghetti – Sorry for the crappy pics! Very dim and didn’t wanna be that tool taking pics of my food w/ a flash. UGHphoto 3– Tequila!

As if this dinner wasn’t perfect enough, here comes the dessert. It was a special that night, decadent chocolate (almost like a truffle consistency) with homemade mint ice cream. It was also SO different in every way and I was not surprised at this point of the night. The mint was so fresh, like sucking on a spearmint leaf, and the chocolate was so rich! Together the combo was flawless, they complimented each other better than Prince & Appleonia. This place is just art. Food art that needs to be had by all. Thank you High Street, for putting a jolt to my system and reminding me that I’m not just an excessive glutton, but a poetic one, and that my love for food has purpose… Putting it that way makes it a little easier to swallow, all pun intended. GO to High Street and buy me a croissant to thank me after you do : )


High Street is in a neighborhood that went from hot to not, now on the rise back to HOT! It’s situated in Society Hill, the neighborhood, loosely bounded by Walnut, Lombard, Front and 8th Streets. It contains the largest concentration of original 18th- and early 19th-century residential architecture of any place in the United States. Pretty cool, eh? Back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s this neighborhood was thriving and had the hottest night-life in the city. Then after a few years of long lines, packed dance floors and booming real estate it took a seedier turn for the worst. People started to feel unsafe, store fronts were closing rapidly, residents were moving out bc of the noise and constant foot traffic and things really slowed down which seemed like over-night. Society Hill/Old City has recently been making a killer comeback! New restaurants, bars, businesses and all-age professionals are migrating back to where they used to be quite the fixtures. Real estate is on the rise, making for a rental market for investors, as well as residents. It’s more affordable than ever, which is making it very desirable for first time home buyers! Streets are safe and have really stepped up their game with beautiful beer gardens, art exhibits, plus the central location is ideal. You could virtually be anywhere on your radar within 15-20 minutes.

society_hill   – Beautiful, tree-lined streets.3.1247530914.society-hill

Lots of great, affordable condos sold with deeded parking- HUGE SCORE!!!



Average Sold Price in 19106: $550,000

Average Days on Market in 19106: 89

Here are just a few of the current homes for sale in this “come-back kid” city neighborhood ~ Contact me for any showing appointments or questions!

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South 3rd Street- $469,900

2 Bedrooms, 2 baths


stair broom


Saint James Court- $548,000

2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths

StJames stjamesLR STJpatio


Vine Street- $750,000

2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths

vineLR VineBR Vine


Click here for latest Market info in 19106! It’s so important to know your neighborhoods and to be in touch with the market!

Please don’t hesitate to ask me for your personal neighborhood info, I am happy to keep you in the loop with whats going on in your neck of the woods! Contact me for any real estate or foodie questions/inquiries! Let me be your “Kitchen Guru” in more ways than one!!! I can help you find your dream house/kitchen on a full belly : )

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